Gary Crew was born in, and still lives in Brisbane. He left school at the early age of fifteen and only returned as a student when he was twenty-one when he enrolled in an evening-class to study English. He has gone onto a career as an author and senior lecturer at university. where he lectures on creative writing.

Basic facts about the author from Meet Australia's children's authors and illustrators by Paul Collins; volume 1 p.45

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Gary says that while picture books are shorter, the value of the words is increased so you've got to be much more careful'. Crew, Gary (1996), Where do you get your ideas? by Krista Bell, Reed Library, Carlton.


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The SOSE Pathfinder on the Library website on Penal Colonies has a section on Port Puer.


Gary Crew has written about the influences that have contributed to his writing in The Architecture of Memory. It is located in our eReserve section.

Crew, Gary, 1994, 'The architecture of memory', In Nieuwenhuizen, Agnes (ed.) The written world: youth and literature, D.W. Thorpe, Port Melbourne, pp. 147-154.

Reviews for Edward Britton

David Beagley, Latrobe University, Bendigo, 2000. Gary Crew & Phillip Nelson

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