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  • Rose Blanche with text by Ian McEwan, illustrated by Roberto Innocenti; based on a story by Christophe Gallaz. Summary: 'In this book I wanted to illustrate how a child experiences war without really understanding it ... I was a little child when the war passed in front of our door ... My father did not want to answer my questions, but I knew that something terrible was happening.' Roberto Innocenti

In 2014 Ian McEwan was one of the men who chose a poem that was then featured in Poems that make grown men cry: 100 men on the words that move them , edited by Anthony and Ben Holden. Ian McEwan chose 'An Exequy' by Peter Porter (1929-2010); pp. 195-200. An Exequy is an elegy written by Porter for his wife who had killed herself in her childhood attic bedroom in 1974.