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  • Guardian Live: Ian McEwan - as it happened. Author Ian McEwan spoke about his latest book, The Children Act, in front of a live audience with the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland. Here are some of the event highlights. (5:15m)
  • Ian McEwan: 'I'm only 66 - my notebook is still full of ideas.' by Robert McCrum, in The Guardian, 31st August 2014. In Ian McEwan's book The Children Act, a high court judge must decide whether a teenage boy lives or dies. In his own life, the novelist feels mortality pressing in – but, he says, he's enjoying himself far too much to slow down just yet
  • Ian McEwan: the law versus religious belief. 6th September 2014. The conjoined twins who would die without medical intervention, a boy who refused blood transfusions on religious grounds … The novelist on the stories from the family courts that inspired his latest book

From the New Yorker: