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Andrew Bovell is an Australian award-winning writer for theatre, film and television. His (Australian Writers' Guild) AWGIE award-winning play Speaking in Tongues has been seen throughout Australia as well as in Europe and the US Bovell adapted it for the screen as Lantana.

He adapted the Kate Genville novel The Secret River for the stage. First performed by the Sydney Theatre Company in 2013.  A remount toured in 2016.

He is a successful screenwriter, contributing to the script for Strictly Ballroom, and for his work on film version of Edge of Darkness, and the adaptation of John Le Carre's A Most Wanted Man; which starred Philip Seymour Hoffman in his final role.  In mid-2017 he working on the film adaptation of the 60s American classic, Stoner.

'I want every piece I write to be different from the ones that preceded it. I want to venture into new ground each time I write a play'