These guides will help you come to grips with the novels, poetry and plays you have to study. Use them to help you construct an essay or prepare for an exam.

Some of the literature study series you can find in this area include:

  • Brodies Notes,
  • Cliffs Notes,
  • Continuum Contemporaries,
  • Monarch Notes,
  • York and
  • York Advanced Notes,
  • Get Smart Study Guides,
  • Teach Yourself Literature Guides,
  • Wizard Study Guides.

This is not a complete list of all the guides available for you to use. These resources are housed separately from the rest of the collection. The Library staff will help you locate them as they are kept on separate shelves.

The Study Guides are not shelved in Dewey Order.

You need to follow these guidelines to locate material:

  • All study notes are shelved in order according to the author of the work being studied; e.g. Shakespeare, William; Greene, Graham. This is represented on the spine or cover of the book by the first three letters of the author's name.
  • They are then shelved by the title of the book written by this person.
  • This means all the study guides for Jane Austen are found together. They are then shelved according to title order; e.g. Emma followed by Pride and Prejudice

Please note: Additional Study notes that support the novels, plays and poetry being studied in the current year are kept on reserve at the circulation desk.

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