Subject Guides provide you with a guide to a range of resources in a particular subject area.

Art - English - Health & PE - Science - HASS - Religion - Technology

Their purpose is to provide you with an introduction to a topic and they will help you to quickly commence research in a particular area. The information found in a pathfinder may include:

  • Print resources – books and magazines
  • Reference Resources
  • Subscription databases
  • Websites

Subject Guides provide you with a guide to a range of resources in a particular subject area.

Dewey Numbers

These numbers will guide you to the section of library shelves where you find information on the topic you are researching.

Keyword Searching in the Library Catalogue

Enter any terms listed as a keyword search. This will locate information in titles, subject areas and in the contents of books held on the library shelves.

Subject Headings in the Library Catalogue

This type of enquiry narrows down the area of your search. However, it may also provide you with "See Also" directions to other relevant areas where you may locate information.


The Library subscribes to many magazines, some of which may contain information relevant to your topic. Sometimes specific articles may be listed in the Subject Guides; and are located in eReserve. Ask for help to use the online indexes to find articles in the older magazines.

Online Databases& eBooks

The Library subscribes to a range of databases and ebooks which will help you locate information in the magazines held in the Library's collections.


This is to help you find relevant and appropriate links to the subject you are studying. By using these links you will save a considerable amount of time searching for material on the Internet.

These Subect Guides do not contain the only information you can use, BUT ….

  • They should become an essential check of what resources are available to you when researching a new topic,
  • Will show you a range of resources, not just those found on the Internet,
  • Will give you appropriate terms and headings to use when seeking information, and
  • Save you time when you have a busy workload.

The Library would like to hear your suggestions on topics for future Pathfinders which would help you. Please speak to someone at the Library desk, or alternatively email us.

Subject Guides were previously known as Pathfinders.