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The history of Western art can be traced back to the classic ages of Greece and Rome. Some critics, such as E. H. Grombrich have written, 'There really is no such thing as Art. There are only artists.'

You may not agree with this comment, but I am sure you understand that all art is a product of the time and place where these artists lived and worked.

It is also important to remember than some art is difficult to put into one category, just as it can be difficult to place some artists with only one "type" of art. Other artists always worked independently and can never be comfortably placed with one particular art movement.

So how can you begin to make some sense of this work and the people that produced it? In the Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms, Simon Wilson in his introduction says, 'Human beings are natural labellers - it is how we make sense of our world. It is no different in the art world.

This pathfinder should only be seen as a guide to some of the movements (or labels) that have been applied to the arts.