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Library Resources

If you are a TCE Photography student, before you commence your research please visit the following link for information on referencing requirements at this level.

In a highly visual subject such as photography you are often looking for that "something" that will give you an idea or set you off on your own path of discovery. While not the most efficient way for carrying-out research, under many circumstances browsing the shelves may bring you the results that you want. The following Dewey Numbers will help if this is the case.

Dewey Number

  • Photography - 770
  • History of photography - 770.9
  • Photographers 770.92
  • Australian photographers - 770.920994
  • Techniques - Tips on how to take better photographs - 771
  • Digital photography - 775
  • Photography of specific subjects (e.g. animals, architecture, children_ - 778.9

Keyword Searching

The Library catalogue is a powerful searching tool. Use a basic keyword search to get quickly to the resources you will find on the shelves. Enter the name of the photographer or style of photograph you are looking for. For example:

You can search for individual photographers by either:

  • Searching by surname, followed by the christian name or intial(s) in the subject, e.g. Moffatt, Tracey
  • Entering the artists exact name into a keyword search, e.g. Diane Arbus

Subject Headings

The following subjects will also help locate more material on the Library's shelves.