Article Index

In English Writing the Dewey Numbers that will help you locate information on our shelves are:

  • 428 English language, English usage and written communication
  • 811 American poetry
  • 812 American drama
  • 813 American prose/fiction
  • 821 English poetry (Individual poets)
  • 821.08 English poetry collections
  • 822 English drama
  • A821 Australian poetry
  • A822 Australian drama
  • A823 Australian prose/fiction
  • Languages other than English are after 830, e.g. German literature is located in 830, French literature in 840.


Study Guides and Notes

Study notes, such as Cliffs Notes and other literature guides can be an important way to gather information about a text you are studying. They are entered onto the library catalogue and may be located by searching by series, title or author.

The English Faculty and the library purchase titles in these series. They are shelved on the main floor of the library. They are not arranged in the normal Dewey order, rather, they are shelved by author followed by title. Ask for help at the desk if you are not sure how to locate material you are looking for. Selected Study Notes are held on Reserve at the Circulation desk.

We can also arrange to purchase titles that are not in stock. You will need to allow us enough time to locate and purchase them.