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  • The Diet dilemma explained by Rosemary Stanton. This is a book for people who are tired of gimmicks and who want to know what normal weight is and how it can be achieved.
  • The Diet drama by Nancy Redd. This is book to help girls understand diets and how to "love their body". It is packed with interesting facts, sample food and exercise plans.
  • The Science of good food: the ultimate reference on how cooking works by David Joachim and Andrew Schloss. The A-Z format of this book helps to clearly explain the physical and chemical transformations that govern all food preparation and cooking. It offers thousands of tips and includes more than 175 fascinating food facts.
  • System 3: the complete guide to fitness and wellbeing by Sharon Natoli and Tony Boutagy. Provides tips and advice from many sports stars, including Layne Beachley and Kieren Perkins.