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First a word of warning ... be careful what you download and use from the Internet. Become astute researchers and before you printing-out multiple pages from a web address make sure you are looking at a legitimate source. Material from the Internet may not acknowledge the author or creator, cite references or footnotes, or include any type of reference list or bibliography. Use this type of material with caution. As part of your research process you need to be able to recognise reliable resources and those that are coming from a less trustworthy site.

For further information read the Library Fact Sheet Evaluating Information from the Web.


Ethical research

The TASC advice for Module 4 'Scientific Investigative Methodologies and Skills' includes that student must take full account of .relevant principles and guidelines related to ethical conduct in human research'. They direct students to the following resources:


 Web resources - Drugs in sport:

Web resources- Sports injuries: