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Ancient Rome

This subject guide will help you to locate the resources you will find particularly useful when commencing your studies in this area. Here is the best place to find books, information about databases and a guide to appropriate websites.

Referencing advice: The TASC and your teachers at St Patrick's College expect to present your work using the traditional note (or Oxford) referencing system. When you cite information you use numbers in your work that relate to a reference at the bottom of the page (footnotes) or at the end of the work (endnotes). You will also create a bibliography that will refer to all the works that appear in your end-notes or footnotes, plus any additional reading that you have used while researching your topic. For further information go to the Library's Referencing Guidelines for extended help in this area. The Library staff are always happy to help you with any queries you may have in regard to referencing requirements for any research you are undertaking.

Independent studies (IPs): When undertaking any independent study, research, or book review you must allow yourself enough time to search for and locate the material you need. To help you a booking sheet is kept at the Library desk where you may book an individual time with one of the Library staff when commencing any research for Ancient Civilisations.

Faculty Resources: All material purchased for the teachers of Ancient Civilisations is also available for student use if it is not required by the teachers. The resources are kept in the Library and can be found using the Library catalogue.