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In November 1833 the Executive Council of Van Diemen's Land recommended that a boy's prison was to be established on the coast of the Tasmanian Peninsula. On January 10, 1834, 68 boys arrived from Hobart Town to take up residence.

When reading any of the material in our archives or in eReserve you should remember to take into account when and why the articles or the books were written. Peter MacFie and Nigel Hargraves point out John West's description of Point Puer as 'an oasis in the desert of penal government' has been uncritically repeated by some later historians". (MacFie, Hargraves, 1991)

MacFie, Hargraves, 1991, 'The Empire's first stolen generation: the first intake at Point Puer 1834-39' Tasmanian Historical Studies, vol 6, no. 2, p. 19.

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The Point Puer Convicts' list is from the work of Peter MacFie and Nigel Hargraves, 2000. Point Puer Boy Convicts’ Establishment Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania]. The first 68 boys, January 1834 (Includes: an appendix of names, index, sources). The Mary MacKillop copy of this document was generously provided by Mr. Nigel Hargraves (April 2012).


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