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The wars in Indo-China and the subsequent political upheaval are an area of twentieth century history that is little understood despite the fact that after 1960 the war became a "television war", watched every evening by millions of viewers. The struggle in Indo-China affected not only the region of South East-Asia but also had serious consequences for the nations f the western world. The two main western countries involved, France and the USA, were heavily committed in Indo-China and, as a result, the implications for their foreign and domestic policies were extensive. Australian involvement, although not as extensive, also created an atmosphere of division within the country and led to a period of extreme social and political upheaval. Australia was forced to recognise that it was a geographical and political part of Asia.

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This pathfinder looks at the following wars that occurred in the Asian region where Australia committed forces to the conflict.

For an overview from the perspective of the Australian Government, you can use this resource from the Department of Veteran's Affairs: Australian involvement in South East Asian conflicts.