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Holocaust - Jewish, World War II

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There are many books you could use to further research the persecution of the Jews in Europe during World War II ... these are some that you may care to look at:

Personal narratives

Children of the Holocaust

Illustrated & Picture books

This is just a small collection of some of our illustrated and picture books that deal with the Holocaust.  Please ask for help to locate any additional resources.

  • Innocenti, Roberto, 1985, Rose Blanche, with text by Ian McEwan, based on a story by Christophe Gallaz, Red Fox, London.
  • Rubin, Susan Goldman, Weissberger, Ela, 2006, The Cat with the yellow star: coming of age in Terezin, Holiday House, New York
  • Sendak, Maurice, 2003, Brundibar, pictures by Maurice Sendak, retold by Tony Kushner. This book is based on the Czech opera of the same name ("Brundibar" is Czech slang for "bumblebee"); with a libretto by Adolf Hoffmister, set to music by Hans Krasa. This opera was performed fifty-five times by the children Terezin, the Nazi concentration camp. Krasa, who was Jewish, was also imprisoned in Terezin. He was killed at Auschwitz in 1944.
  • Unger, Tomi, 2010, Otto: the autobiography of a teddy bear


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