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The Crystal skulls

Are crystal skulls genuine Mayan or Aztec artefacts, occult objects or intriguing fakes made for a nineteenth-century European market?

Some are on display as genuine per-Columbian objects such as those in Mexico's National Museum, where they have been identified as the work of Aztec or Mixtec artisans.  One is in the basement of the Louvre waiting scientific testing, another, while the British Museum has its skulls displayed as fakes.  The Mitchell-Hedges Skull, which is supposed to have strange powers is privately owned.

Bradley, Pamela (2010), 'Crystal skulls', in Great mysteries: riddles of the natural and human reserve', New Holland, Sydney, pp. 190-193.

Use the following resources to find out: Are the crystal skulls human artefacts or natural wonders?  Do they have special powers or are they fakes?

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