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On 26 November 1992, Howard Carter stood at the end of the dark entrance corridor of the tomb he had discovered.  He knocked a hole in the wall and pushed his candle into the space before him.  What he saw was so astonishing that, for a moment, he could not speak.  Standing beside him, Lord Carnarvon demanded, "Can you see anything?" "Yes," Carter replied, "Wonderful things!"  He could see a room packed with treasures, glittering with gold.  This, however, was merely the antechamber of the tomb. 

Crisp, Peter, (2004), Mummy, Dorling Kindersley, London, p. 40.

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  • Bastable, J, Canlin, A, (2005), 'How did Tutankhamen die?', in The Truth about history: how new evidence is transforming the story of the past, Reader's Digest, London,pp. 107-111


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