Global Person Unit 1: Metacognition: This unit looks at thinking skills, multiple intelligences, intelligence theory and Habits of Mind.


The following books on critical thinking can be found in the Library.

There are many teaching resources that provide information on multiple intelligences. They can be found in both Library and Faculty collections. For a full list go to: multiple intelligences

You will also find significant resources across the many collections on intelligence theory.

Some additional books that you may find useful are:


The following chapter can be downloaded and read from the eReserve section of the Library website. Remember, you will need your User Name and Password to log on.

  • Thinking skills, from Beardwood, R, Napthine, M, Pohl, M, Insight English handbook, Insight Publications, St Kilda, pp.67-95.

AV on the Shelves

Web Resources

The Art Costa Centre for Thinking. The Art Costa Centre For Thinking is established to build a community of learners in the teaching and sustained practice of the habits of mind.

Habits of Mind. "The Habits of Mind are defined as the dispositions that are skillfully and mindfully employed by characteristically successful people when confronted with problems, the solutions to which are not immediately apparent."

TED Talks

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion (7 minutes and 48 seconds)