Web Resources

First a word of warning ... be careful what you download and use from the internet. Become astute researchers and before printing-out multiple pages from a web address make sure you are looking at a legitimate source. Material from the Internet may not acknowledge the author or creator, cite references or footnotes, or include any type of reference list or bibliography. Use this type of material with caution. As part of your research process you need to be able to recognise reliable resources and those that are coming from less trustworthy sites.

For further information read the Library Fact Sheet Evaluating Information from the Web.

General sites of interest:

ABC Health and Wellbeing: Mental health - Healthy living mind & body

APS - Australian Psychological Society

APIA: The Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association

BBC Science: Human body and mind - Psychology tests and surveys

Psychology Topics [from] American Psychology Association

PsychWeb: This Web site contains lots of psychology-related information for students and teachers of psychology.

Famous psychologists:

Module 1: Research and Inquiry

Module 2: Individual differences

Part A - Gender

Part B - Intelligence

Part C - Personality

Module 3: Psychobiological process

Part A: Visual perception

Part B: Consciousness

Module 4: Human learning

Module 5: Remembering


  • Memory - Psychology Today
  • Memory - The University of Queensland, Queensland Brain Institute