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Use a keyword search in the Library catalogue for "Food security".

Books on the shelves.

Go to the Library catalogue and do a keyword search for "food security". Some individual titles that will also be useful are:

  • The Atlas of food : who eats what, where, and why by Erik Millstone and Tim Lang. This atlas maps every link of the food chain, from farming, production and retail to the food on our plates. It also investigates how, in an era of new technologies, globalized food trade and even plentiful supply, millions remain hungry.
  • Food security, nutrition and sustainability edited by Geoffrey Lawrence, Kristen Lyons and Tabatha Wallington. This book offers a critical insights, written by international scholars, on global food security, supermarket power, new technologies and sustainability.
  • Global food crisis / edited by Justin Healey, from Issues in Society, volume 327, Global food production will have to rise 70 per cent by 2050 as the world population expands to 9.1 billion from 6.8 billion people. Recent global food prices have been the highest on record, exceeding 2008 levels that sparked deadly riots across the world. What is Australia's role in global food security and how are we managing our own domestic food challenges in relation to environmental sustainability, rising food prices and declining productivity.
  • Hungry planet: what the world eats by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio. Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluiso present a photographic study of families from around the world, revealing what people eat during the course of one week. Each family's profile includes a detailed description of the weekly food purchases; photographs of the family at home, at market, and in the community.

Then for something completely different you may like to read: