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How does your garden grow?

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is enjoying a huge surge in popularity. Much of this interest comes from our growing awareness of what we need to do to lead healthy, vital lives. People are also looking for ways avoid food produced for vast commercial suppliers, such as supermarkets.

Learn how grow vegetables so you can enjoy fresh and locally produced food. Part of the fun is that you never stop learning. There are always new techniques to try, new crops and new varieties to grow, and of course, one year is never the same as the next.

You are fortunate enough to live in Tasmania which has developed a well-earned reputation for its fine locally produced food. Maybe it is because of this abundance of good soil and clean air that experts such as Peter Cundall (Gardening Australia) and Bill Mollison (Permaculture) developed their philosophy on gardening and then took it to the wider world.

Creating your own garden is good for your own personal health. It will also help you become aware of the growing problems associated with food supply problems around the world, and other contentious issues, such as genetically modified food.