The Library staff are here to help you develop 21st Century literacy skills. You can learn to think critically, analyse information and develop the research skills you need when you leave St Patrick's College.

The Library Fact Sheets can help you learn how to exploit the information held in the Mary MacKillop.

Library catalogue

The Library catalogue it the key to locating information in the Library. It is a powerful searching tool as it lists contents and summaries of the books held in the Library. You can use these and other searching terms:

Keyword - Author - Title - Subject

Homework Help 

This is the Mary MacKillop Library's own website designed to help you achieve the best research outcomes while you are at St Patrick's College.



  • Databases: Proquest eLibrary, Proquest Literature, Proquest Newsstand and SAGE.

The Library Staff are the link you need to help you locate information and develop independent research skills ... just ask.