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Online Referencing generators

There are many online referencing generators you can use. All should be used with caution, as the layout and order of information may not be the one required by your teacher. However, they can be away for you to file and save lists of resources that you use.

The CiteThisForME free referencing generator allows for you to produce a reference list in a range of styles, including Harvard and APA. They also have an app you can download to your device.

APA Referencing

How to write an APA style reference list.

Harvard or Author /Date referencing

Writing a list in the Harvard referencing style.

The Mary MacKillop Library has the following referencing guides: Harvard: an introductionfor the Middle School and Harvard (Author/Date) for the Senior School. There is also Harvard guide to referencing multi-media material. You can also find a guide to APA Referencing and Oxford or the Traditional Note system: