Sports and Recreation Management (UTAS)

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Sports and Recreation Management (UTAS)

BMA114 seeks to provide the student with an initial learning experience in the disciplines of sports and recreation. The class’s primary focus is on the sport and recreation industry, which includes professional sport, amateur sport, for-profit sport participation, non-profit sport participation, sporting goods, and sport services.

It is the objective of the class to introduce students to the different managerial and administrative components of the sport and recreation industry at local, state, national and international levels.

UTAS. Sports and Recreation Management. Introductory, BMA114, 2022.

More information for the UTAS course Sports and Recreation Management can be found here (TASC) and here (UTAS).

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Learning Outcomes

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Sport and Leisure Facilities

Occupational Health and Safety

Learning Outcomes

To apply theories, concepts, practical principles and processes integral to improving sports management activities for community.

To analyse sports data such as facts and figures and recommend solutions for sports management organisations to serve the community.

To effectively communicate an argument supported by sports management (SM) academic literature.

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