People from all over the world have crafted objects to entertain themselves and others for centuries. From ancient civilizations until today people have created things that are useful, or beautiful and how they can be used for celebrations and special occasions.

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For general books on handicraft = 645.5


  • Mask making
  • Soft toy making

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Make this beautiful butterfly windsock designed by Libby Woodruff.

Can you knit a square? Then maybe you would like to knit a dog, a rabbit or even Humpty Dumpty. But how about starting with this simple but colourful snake?

Make a mask, there are many books on our shelves. Get crafty and start with this impressive lion.

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paperfolding. Start with nothing more than a sheet of paper and two hands to make an inexpensive but beautiful object. These wallets, designed by Laura Kruskal, would make a beautiful gift.

These are the quirkiest plush toys you will ever meet. Start with Plucky, the rooster with attitude, designed by Rachel Chow and Jason Carpenter.

Make a beautiful book, they can become a treasured keep-sake, or would be a wonderful gift. We have several books on our shelves that you could use, but perhaps start with this beautiful scrapbook, designed to become a personal cookbook for favourite recipes.

  • Maguire, M, 2000, BookworksLorenz Books, London, pp.69-71.

Create one of these stunning lanterns featured in another book by Mary Maquire. These beautiful garden flowers start with foil containers and bamboo sticks.

Have you been inspired by the beautiful boxes created by the American Joseph Cornell? Using found objects he created magical worlds from things many of us discard. We have a book that helps you create your own magical worlds, just as Joseph did. This one can be used to capture your experiences on a recent or favourite holiday.

Tell a story, using mixed-media to create a stunning book. This example celebrates the 10th birthday of a treasured family pet, "Hunter" the family dog.

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