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Year 9 is traditionally the middle grade of secondary schooling where students are in the midst of rapid changes and growth associated with adolescence. The main aim at Croagh Patrick campus is to offer an education experience that is sensitive of and supportive of our student's developmental needs.

St Patrick's College / Croagh Patrick (Year 9) Handbook 2017

The Mary MacKillop Library provides the space and resources that serve as a vital component of all students at St Patrick's College.  Grade 9 students will continue to visit the Library with some of their classes, including English and HASS Big Ideas. In addition to these visits, the Library does provide a supplementary service at Croagh Patrick for students to select personal reading material at set times per week. The Library's strong online offerings provide access to many of the resources that support the curriculum offered at Croagh Patrick.

The Library website is a useful tool for Grade 9 students. 

Subject Guides

There are subject guides on the Library website tailored to the year 9 curriculum. Use them to help research for your assignments, from Convicts to World War I. 

Library Guides and Factsheets

The Library guides and factsheets provide valuable advice on how staff and students at Croagh Patrick can continue to fully exploit the Library's resources.  All guides are in a PDF format for easy access.

Saint Mary MacKillop Library at Croagh Patrick.

More in-depth guides can be found here.

Study skills

This area contains important information on Referencing, Plagiarism and Copyright.  The Referencing page includes many referencing guides, including the APA Referencing system, which is the system used at Croagh Patrick.

Croagh Patrick Referencing Task


Core Subjects

Core subjects make up the bulk of the Curriculum and are derived and designed from the Australian Curriculum.  The Core subjects are:

Big Ideas
Global Person
Physical Education

Big Ideas


Big Ideas is made up of English, HaSS and Science from the Australian curriculum Health syllabus.

Big Ideas - is an integrated subject, that is an amalgamation of English History and Science.

Library resources

Use the Library catalogue to find the resources that you are looking for.


This includes the study of novel Edward Britton.

Use the following link to access the support material for:

You will also study William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Use the following link to access support material on William Shakespeare which includes resources on Romeo and Juliet:


History looks British settlement of Australia, Aboriginal perspectives of settlement; the formation of Australia as a nation; what makes us Australian and how Australia was involved in and affected by World War I.

Faces of Van Diemen's Land PDF


The Science component explores key facets of science by looking at units that cover Light, Sound and Action, Chemical Reactions, Ecosystems and Change as well as Big Systems.

Developing Science Alternative Program Task

Global Person


Global Person is an integrated subject features elements of the Years 9 & 10 Australian Curriculum Health course, Geography, Pathway Planning, thinking and study skills.

Library resources

Use the Library catalogue to find the resources that you are looking for.

Thinking about my future

This unit aims to develop students' metacognition or thinking skills through an exploration of the Habits of the Mind. The unit also features pathway planning where students consider possible career options for their futures.

Food and nutrition

The unit examines guidelines for healthy eating in Australia; factors that impact on eating habits and diet related illnesses.

Relationships and sexual health

This unit examines the notion of respect and the importance of respect in relationships. The unit also explores issues relating to sexual health.

Being safe

This unit explores risk taking in adolescents and identifies the difference between positive and negative risks.

Physical Education

Physical Education takes on a modified format at Croagh Patrick. During Term 1 and 4 the focus will be aquatics, skills development and game-play in campus-based activities. Term 2 and 3 will provide students with the opportunity to play in inter school competitions against other local high schools, or participate in campus-based competitions.


During the year students will have the opportunity to learn about the outward manifestations of religion and to participate in activities that help them develop their own inner spirituality.

Elective Subjects at Croagh Patrick

A wide range of personal choice subjects is available to students at Croagh Patrick.  Some subjects continue for the whole year, while others are half-year courses.



Library resources


During the year you will have the opportunity to develop skills in, and gain an appreciation of, the major studio areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, urban art, art history and art criticism.


Combining art and textile components.


This course caters for both experienced dancers and those wishing to begin dancing. It allows you to explore, develop and appreciate elements of movement choreography and dance and performance.


This Media course is aimed at teaching you skills in filmmaking, film editing and animation.


The course is about basic photography, light, composition, editing and managing images.


Library resources

Crime and punishment

Personal choice - Semester Subject

A civilization's laws and the way it punishes people reveal a lot about the values, attitudes, and beliefs of that society. Today we don't hang criminals in public or place them in the stocks. You will find out why. The forms of punishment vary through time significantly and give us a deep insight into beliefs about human nature.

Local Lonnie

Personal choice - Semester Subject

In this hands-on subject which has a specific focus on Launceston and its surrounds, you will develop and learn the skills of a historian.

You will study the history of early Launceston and trace its roots from the first established streets and buildings to its more recent past.


Library resources

Advanced body movement

Advanced Body fitness is for those who want to improve their fitness and gain a better understanding of what is required to be an elite athlete.

Body movement

Body Movement is a course for those who enjoy being active. An emphasis is placed on:

Sports science

This is a subject aimed at students who have an interest in pursuing a pathway into the sports research domain. This is an academic subject that focuses on the science behind sport and is a great lead up for students who wish to study Sport Science in Year 10.

1. The Human body

2. Nutrition for athletes

3. Current Issues

4. Sports injuries & First aid



Japanese is available as a full year course to students who have studied Japanese in year 7 and 8.

Unit 1 Travel

Unit 2 Parties and Celebrations

Unit 3 Shopping

Unit 4 Daily Life

Writer's Workshop

In this course you will look at how language is used in a variety of texts with the view to developing the skills of 'the writer'.


Science Explorations 1

Term 1: Forest ecosystems - Subject Guide

Term 2: DNA - Mammalian physiology - Cell biology - Animal behaviour

Science Explorations 2

Term 3: Organic chemistry, focusing on bacteria and cheese making

Term 4: Forensic chemistry

Take Off

In Take Off you will learn that the greatest inventions in society were developed through a long process of trial and error.


This practical subject lets you explore science, technology, engineering and maths in creative and unusual ways.


In Robotics we explore what makes a robot; how they work how they are programmed and what makes them move.


Library Resources

Creative textiles - Semester subject

Unit 1 Bags, Bags, Bags

Unit 2 Designing Fashion

Unit 3 Wear It? Recycle It

Horticulture/DIY - Semester subject

The course includes basic propagation techniques, plant management and maintenance, turf management and cover sustainable living.

Wood design

Metal design

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