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Referencing is important as this is how you acknowledge the books and other sources you have used to write an essay or conduct your research. To copy or use somebody’s work without acknowledgement, and treat it as your own, is plagiarism. It is good to use other people’s ideas, data, words and images, as well as material from the Internet, as long as you show who created the material and where you got it from.

Reference systems may differ from subject to subject so always check with your teacher about which system they would like you to use.

Reference Generators

Reference Generators

There are many online referencing generators you can use. All should be used with caution, as the information may not be correct and the layout and order of information may not be the one required by your teacher. However, they can be a way for you to file and save lists of resources that you use and are a great starting point for building your reference list.

Referencing generators usually provide a reference in multiple styles, so make sure you select the appropriate style for your class. Make sure you also select the appropriate reference type for your source, whether it is a website, a journal or a book. Some generators also have an app available which may make it easier for you to manage your references.

Reference Generators

It is very important that you always cite the references you use. This will ensure you are not accused of plagiarism and you are showing you that you understand the importance of acknowledging where you have obtained the information you have used.

You can make referencing easier by:

  • Keeping an accurate record of all the details of every source you use. You will need to have the details of the author, the title of the book or journal article, title of the journal, year of publication, page numbers, etc.
  • Making sure you understand the type of referencing system your teacher expects you to use.
  • Allowing time to create your reference list. It will take much longer than you expect, but you will get better the more often you do it.
  • Coming to the Library to ask for help!