Developing Science - Year 9

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Developing Science - Year 9

Learn how science is continually developing and finding new discoveries! Learning and understanding scientific method helps build critical thinking skills and can help solve some of the world's biggest problems. Read more about the benefits of science from the University of Berkeley.

During your Term 1 camp weeks at Croagh Patrick, you will be on an alternative program. Part of that program is looking at how Science is continually developing and expanding through experimentation and research.

Atoms - The Basic Building Blocks

Read the instructions on SchoolBox to start your task.

Atoms Task - Part A

Science Online

Use the Science Online database search below to answer the questions in Part A.

Atoms Task - Part B

You can compare the current research you have just read with historical facts reported in books, textbooks and other Library resources by clicking below. Use what you find to help you build a timeline or map of the topic.

For more information, search the Britannica and Science Online databases for "atoms".

Library Resources

Library Resources

Dewey numbers

  • 500 - Science
  • 520 - Astronomy
  • 530 - Physics
  • 540 - Chemistry

On the shelves



Click here to get the username and password for Britannica eBooks.



There are links to other Library resources that may be helpful to you at the bottom of this page. Click on Referencing to access our referencing guides.

Atoms Task - Part C

Click on eReserve below to read three articles about the Universe, particles and atoms.



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  3. Li, G & Caraban, N 2020, "Hunting Muons", New Scientist, No 3305, pp. 26-27.