Physical Sciences (TASC Level 3)

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Physical Sciences (TASC Level 3)

In studying Physical Sciences learners have the opportunity to explore concepts, models and theories of both physics and chemistry. Physics and chemistry are fundamental sciences that: provide a foundation for undertaking investigations; endeavour to explain physical and chemical phenomena that occur in the universe; and can be applied to, and have an impact on, issues in society.

TASC. Physical Sciences. Level 3, PSC315118, 2022.

Course information for TASC Physical Sciences level 3 can be found here.

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Topics in Phys-Sci 3

Library Resources

The Library catalogue is a powerful searching tool that allows you to quickly locate material in our collections.

Dewey numbers

  • 530 - Physics
  • 535 - Light
  • 536 - Heat
  • 537 - Electricity
  • 539 - Modern physics (matter, radiation, molecular, atomic and nuclear physics)
  • 540 - Chemistry
  • 541 - Physical chemistry
  • 543 - Analytical chemistry
  • 546 - Inorganic chemistry
  • 547 - Organic chemistry

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All the chapters and summaries of the physics books on our shelves are entered into our catalogue. A simple keyword search is the quickest way to locate these resources:


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  • World Book

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CSIRO Image Library

The CSIRO Science Image Library has an extensive selection of images you can use in your assignments. They are available to download and copy under a Creative Commons licence. You must acknowledge and provide a citation to the CSIRO when you use any of these images.

Web Resources

Be careful what you download and use from the Internet.

Before using information from a web address ensure you are looking at a publication from a legitimate source. Material from the Internet often does not acknowledge the author or creator, does not cite references or footnotes, or include any type of bibliography or reference list. Use this type of material with caution. As part of your research process you need to sort out the reliable sources from the less trustworthy sites.

If in doubt always check with your teacher. For further information read the Library Fact Sheet Evaluating Information from the Web.

General resources



Topics in Phys-Sci 3

Analyse the application and impact of physical science in society (Criterion 3)

Atoms and nuclear reactions (Criterion 4)

Motion and force (Criterion 5)

Conservation laws in physics (Criterion 6)

Chemical fundamentals: structures and properties (Criterion 7)

Principles of chemical reactions and reacting quantities (Criterion 8).

Referencing advice: TASC and your teachers at St Patrick's College expect you to present your work with in-text citations and a reference list in a standardised style. The Harvard (Author, Date) style is the default style used by St Patrick's College. The APA style may also be used for TASC Science subjects. Go to the Library's Referencing Guidelines for extended help in this area. The Library staff are always happy to help you with any queries you may have in regard to referencing requirements for any research you are undertaking.

Faculty resources: All material purchased for the teachers in the Science Faculty is also available for student use if it is not required by the teachers. The resources are kept in the Library and can be found by using the Library catalogue.