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It is over two thousand years since Jesus died. Jesus was born a Jew in the Roman province of Palestine (present-day Israel, Palestine and Jordan). Christians are people who try to follow the example and teachings of Jesus; share a common core of beliefs with other Christians, and apply common principles to their ways of worshipping and expressing their religious faith.

Many people of other faiths recognise Jesus as a great teacher, whereas Christians believe that he is God, or 'the Son of God', who chose to take on human form in order to reconcile humanity to God, and to restore the relationship that had been broken by human disobedience.

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Many of the Library's books on World Religions have chapters devoted to Christianity. They provide good outlines of the beliefs and practices of this religion.

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  • Bingham, J.. (2007), 'Spreading the word', in Christianity, Arcturus Publishing, London, pages 10-13.

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