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Copyright is a legal term used to protect the rights of the creator of a work.

In Australia, copyright law is contained in the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 (Copyright Act).

A simple definition of copyright is that it is a bunch of rights in certain creative works such as text, artistic works, music, computer programs, sound recordings and films. The rights are granted exclusively to the copyright owner to reproduce the material, and for some material, the right to perform or show the work to the public. Copyright owners can prevent others from reproducing or communicating their work without their permission or may sell these rights to someone else.

Smartcopying, 2021

Fact Sheets
For Teachers

Fact Sheets

These Fact Sheets are due for update 2021.

For Teachers

St Patrick's College holds various educational licences that allow us to reproduce, perform and communicate works.

A good rule to follow is to purchase or link to resources where possible before reproducing material. When reproducing material, please make sure to only reproduce a reasonable amount and ensure that it is only for educational and curriculum purposes.

More in-depth information on copyright for teachers and school can be found on the Copyright Compliance Procedures page on SchoolBox.